The epidemic of coronavirus has caused a boom in health care: how to get medical specialty in the United States

On the impact of the pandemic in the fashion industry on the US economy and the world write almost every day. But little attention is paid to the influence of this virus on the labor market in the health care industry.

Эпидемия коронавируса вызвала бум в сфере здравоохранения: как получить медицинскую специальность в США

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First we need to objectively analyze the current information about the coronavirus.

The similarity between the coronavirus and the flu:

  1. Both viruses cause fever, muscle aches and fatigue.
  2. In both cases, the disease can proceed in the light, severe and fatal form. According to experts, more than 80% of cases Covid-19 occur in the form of light.
  3. And the flu, and the coronavirus can lead to pneumonia.
  4. Both viruses are treated by lowering body temperature and symptoms (eg, fluid intake, ibuprofen, etc.). In severe cases may require more intensive treatment.
  5. The spread of the infection in both cases it is possible to prevent frequent and thorough hand washing and other hygiene techniques and in self-isolation during illness.

The number of infected

The coronavirus (as of March 11):

  • 118 745 cases of infection worldwide;
  • 4 284 deaths across the world;
  • 1 004 cases of infection and 31 deaths in the United States.


  • an average of 1 billion infections per year worldwide;
  • From 9.3 to 45 million cases of infection per year in the United States;
  • From 291 000 to 646 000 deaths per year in the world;
  • From 12 000 to 61 000 deaths per year in the United States.

It is likely that the coronavirus may spread faster and easier than the flu, but data is still collected and in the coming weeks or months will know more information. As many cases Covid-19 (a disease caused by coronavirus in Chinese) are characterized by mild symptoms that do not require a doctor’s visit, it is highly likely that the mortality rate from coronavirus at this stage is overstated.

As the epidemic affects the labour market in the health sector

The data below displays the overall growth of the labor market in the U.S. and employment gains in health care from 2001 to 2013.

Эпидемия коронавируса вызвала бум в сфере здравоохранения: как получить медицинскую специальность в США


The second graph is the same data, indicating the periods of known outbreaks and the great recession of 2008.

Эпидемия коронавируса вызвала бум в сфере здравоохранения: как получить медицинскую специальность в США


When the American economy and medicine are going through difficult times, the health sector is the only ray of light on the US labor market.

From 2001 to 2014, the number of jobs in this industry grew by 31.6%, while the total number of jobs in the U.S. rose by only 5.7%.

From 2007 to 2010 — a period spanning the biggest economic downturn of our time and one of the worst global pandemics — the number of jobs in the American health care grew by 6.6%, while the rest of the labor market in the U.S. decreased by 6.9%.

As the coronavirus will affect the labour market in the medical field

Now is the time to think about a medical career. The Bureau of labor statistics noted that the growth of the health sector that extends the capabilities of job seekers. It is expected that in the next 6 months this growth to continue, forming a particularly high demand for professionals such as nursing assistants (Certified Nurse Aide) assistant for medical Affairs (Medical Assistant) and specialists in patient care (Patient Care Technician).

Planning the next steps in your career, take into account your qualifications, skills, and your idea of a perfect work and responsibilities. If you’re thinking about changing professions, the right to choose education in health care will help you to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for the development of one of the fastest growing and in demand professions.

But if you are a health worker who wants to move up the career ladder, acquisition of additional knowledge will open up new opportunities for growth. Analysis of historical data and current trends on the labour market makes clear one fact: the new epidemic has a negative impact on the world and the economy as a whole, but employment in the health sector is virtually the only career path that will not collide with the reduction and will continue to rise.

Where to get your medical education quickly and at a reasonable price

To master advanced medical specialty in Institute of Career Continuity.

By combining the knowledge of the company’s President, who spent most of his career in medicine, and Director of training programs, with more than 35 years of experience of managing educational projects, Institute of Career Continuity has created a unique approach to career planning, education and employment support. This technique helps students to achieve real and lasting change in your life.

The company has developed more than 20 licensed programs in new York, which provide students with knowledge in clinical and administrative medicine for further certifications and work in different regions of the United States.

Эпидемия коронавируса вызвала бум в сфере здравоохранения: как получить медицинскую специальность в США

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In school, you can get the specialties that are in constant demand in the American labor market:

  • specialist electrocardiogram (EKG Technician);
  • specialist pharmacist (Pharmacy Technician);
  • specialist in blood collection (Phlebotomy Technician);
  • specialist medical accounts and coding (Electronic Medical Billing and Coding);
  • specialist in electronic medical records (Electronic Health Records) Click here to learn about Medical Spa EMR;
  • nursing assistant (Certified Nurse Aide/Nursing Assistant);
  • assistants for medical issues (Medical Assistant);
  • specialist home care (Home Health Aide);
  • specialist patient care (Patient Care Technician);
  • preparing for the NCLEX exam for obtaining a license nurse.

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