The epidemic of youth Smoking: the FDA banned flavored VAPI

Management under the control over products and medicines USA (FDA) banned most of the vaping products with nicotine, fruit and mint flavors. This writes CNBC.

Эпидемия курения среди молодежи: FDA запретило ароматизированные вейпы

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Under the new rule, which takes effect in early February, companies that do not stop the proliferation of flavored products will undergo compulsory ban.

Companies are also at risk of taking regulatory measures if their products are suitable for minors or if they don’t take “adequate measures” to prevent access by minors to the products. They will still be able to sell tobacco and menthol products, which are using electronic cigarettes to quit Smoking.

“In the United States has never been observed that the epidemic of substance use emerged as fast as our current epidemic of the use of electronic cigarettes among young people”, — said the head of the Department of health and human services Alex Azar.

“The Department is undertaking comprehensive, aggressive approach to the enforcement of the law passed by Congress, which is currently in the market of electronic cigarettes on the lawful bases”, — he said.

The decision was taken in connection with the growing use of electronic cigarettes in adolescence and fatal lung disease related vaping that killed 55 people in 27 States.

The administration of U.S. President Donald trump originally announced plans to ban flavored electronic cigarettes in September 2019, but deferred a final decision in conditions of intense lobbying by the tobacco and vaping industry.

Azar told reporters that the FDA’s decision to allow further sell tobacco and menthol flavored products due to the fact that they are “less attractive” to minors.

According to two studies published in November in the journal of the American medical Association, over half of adolescents who use electronic cigarettes, using electronic cigarettes Juul.

Juul, who is partly owned by tobacco giant Altria, voluntarily stopped sales of their popular mint flavors soon after the publication of the study.

Experts in public health have long supported the goal of the administration is to ban the flavors that are most popular with minors, but some fear that then they can eventually go to menthol, will disappear as soon as the fruit flavors.

“Only the elimination of all flavored electronic cigarettes can put an end to the aggravation of the epidemic of electronic cigarettes among young people and to prevent the companies producing electronic cigarettes, to entice and inspire the youth of flavored products,” said Matthew Myers, President, Campaign for kids tobacco-free.

Administration officials said that the ban has nothing to do with lung disease related vaping. Azar said that the trump is considering a lung disease from vaping as a “separate issue” because public health officials think that most people who get sick, smoke steam products on the basis of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol — the active ingredient in cannabis).

“No, minors should not use nicotine products,” has been said by the officials.

The ban would have limited impact on industry leader Juul, who is under scrutiny has already stopped the sale of their fragranced products in the U.S., with the exception of menthol, Virginia tobacco and classic tobacco. This is likely to be a blow to the rival Juul, NJOY, which is expected to benefit from the retreat Juul.

New FDA regulations represent the latest step of the U.S. government anti-vaping among teenagers.

In December 2019 trump signed a law banning the sale of cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products to people under the age of 21 years.