The eruption of the Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO: scientists have conducted a new study

Scientists have found that the force of the SUPERVOLCANO Yellowstone national Park is gradually weakened. This writes the “Focus”.

Извержение Йеллоустонского супервулкана: ученые провели новое исследование

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Researchers from the Geological society of America found that the hot spot that feeds the geysers, mud springs and fumaroles in Yellowstone National Park, is slowly vanishing.

In the new study a team of scientists discovered the traces of two huge super-eruptions 8,7 and 9 million years ago. According to researchers, the volcano has erupted on average once every 500 thousand years. But over the last 3 million years, Yellowstone Park has experienced only two such eruptions. Therefore, scientists believe that the volcano is experiencing a “very significant decline”.

New results show that the volcano can Wake up no earlier than 900 million years.

“We found that the alleged deposits from smaller eruptions, actually-was a huge layers of volcanic material left after two previously unknown super-eruptions about 8.7 and 9 million years ago,” says the study’s lead author and volcanologist from the University of Leicester in the UK, Thomas Knott.

Super-McMullen Creek eruption 9 million years ago occurred on a stretch of 12 000 sq km, where the modern southern Idaho.

The second super-volcano eruption was even more ambitious. Scientists say that this eruption covered an area 32 000 sq km of the Eruption, called Grey’s Landing, became the largest event in the history of Yellowstone.

The consequences of super-eruptions were disastrous for the region. The researchers note that the square of the state new Jersey was in the hot, volcanic glass, destroying all life. Dust fell on the territory of modern States, and volcanic emissions spread throughout the Earth’s atmosphere.


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