The estate tax will calculate new

The estate tax, the amount of which is different in different regions of Ukraine, should not be calculated based on the square footage of housing.

Налог на недвижимость будут рассчитывать по-новому

This was stated by the head of the tax Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Daniel Getmantsev, reports analytical portal “Hvilya”.

According to officials, it is impossible to tax real estate based on its square footage.

“If we refer to history, we had places collection, was a tax on Windows. And now we have a tax on the meters. It absolutely does not correspond to the economic value of the property and not consistent with the practice in developed countries. So here is definitely the same as the tax on land, – we must proceed from the monetary evaluation of economic value of the property. And in this sense I am advocating to completely change the concept of taxation of immovable property other than land,” explained Getmantsev.

According to him, the Verkhovna Rada has prepared a bill that would change the method of calculating tax.

“It will not be next year, maybe, but nevertheless we do it. This is not the evening today, but it’s already tomorrow. Meanwhile, we continue to pay for the meters,” said Getmantsev.

The estate tax will have to pay those whose property exceeds such norms: for apartments of 60 square meters; for residential houses — 120 square meters.

If the ownership of the apartment and the house, that their total area must not be more than 180 sq. m. for Example, the owner of the house is 110 sqm and apartment of 65 sq. m, the tax will not have to pay.

And for the very large estate will have to pay 25 thousand UAH. – this applies to apartments with an area of over 300 square meters and houses more than 600 sq. m.

How many have to pay for the property

In Kiev, for every “extra” square will have to pay 70,84 UAH, in Odessa – only a 4.24 UAH.

The maximum rate of property tax is 1.5% of the minimum wage per square meter higher than normal. From 1 January the minimum wage in Ukraine is UAH 4 723. Thus, the maximum rate of property tax will be 70,84 UAH per sq. m.

However the Tax code allows local authorities to set their own tax rates and the norm square. For example, in Kharkov the tax rate reduced to 1% (47,23 UAH/sq. m), and the non-taxable area of the apartment increased up to 85 sq. m. In Odessa to natural persons and is reduced the rate for residential property up to 0.1% (4,72 sq. m) and residential – 1% (47,2 UAH/sq. m). In Lviv, the rate for apartments and 0.5% (of 23.61 UAH/sq. m) for houses and 1% (47,23 UAH/sq. m). But in Kiev, the Dnieper and the top tax rate was left at 1.5% (70,84 UAH/sq. m).