The EU commented on the idea of easing sanctions

The EU continues a policy aimed at the abolition or easing of sanctions that worsen the situation of ordinary people, but this does not apply to European restrictions imposed solely against specific individuals and institutions.

В ЕС прокомментировали идею ослабления санкций

This was at a virtual meeting of the European Parliament Committee on foreign Affairs, said the EU high representative Josep Borrell, reports UKRINFORM.

“Currently, the sanctions remain the same. And we would be happy if all involved agencies have realized that they can participate in humanitarian trade without the risk of falling under American sanctions. When I spoke with my colleague Pompeo, he said that they would not apply sanctions for humanitarian trade with Iran or Venezuela. But de-facto the leading financial institutions do not have the desire to participate in such trade. And the humanitarian situation in these countries, which was very bad before the crisis becomes truly unbearable,” — said Borrell.

He noted that the European Union will continue with this policy, because sanctions can sometimes be nonproductive as more strike the Nations, and not the elites of those countries against which you entered. However, this does not apply to the European sanctions, which are entirely directed against specific individuals and institutions.

“We have not taken sanctions that can harm the whole population of the country. Against Venezuela or Iran — the two most important examples where the US has applied sanctions, our approach is completely different. We do not impose restrictions that are economically harmful to the population, but their focus on specific individuals,” — said the diplomat.

According to him, this is the only way to exert pressure on regimes, which should indicate that they behave improperly.