The EU has imposed sanctions against seven members of the security forces and intelligence services of Venezuela (PHOTO)

The European Union imposed restrictive measures against seven members of the security forces and intelligence services of Venezuela. This was reported by the press service of the EU Council, which refers to TASS.

“The Council extended the restrictive measures on seven employees of the Venezuelan security forces and intelligence services. These measures include a travel ban and assets freeze. The above-mentioned persons involved in torture and other serious human rights violations. Four of them are associated with the death of captain Rafael Acosta arévalo”, – stated in the statement of the EU Council. Arevalo, who was arrested for attempted coup in Venezuela, has died while in custody, his lawyer said that the cause of his death was torture, the effects of which were visible when the detainee is brought to court.

The Council explained that this decision is a direct continuation of the EC Declaration of use of targeted measures by the security forces implicated in torture and other human rights violations. Thus, the number in the sanctions list of the EU Venezuelan officials has risen to 25 people.
For the first time, the EU agreed on sanctions against Venezuela in November 2017. Then the foreign Ministers of community countries decided to impose an embargo on deliveries to Venezuela of weapons and equipment, which can be used for “internal repression”. In 2018, the EU imposed sanctions against 18 Venezuelan officials.