The Euro exchange fell for the first time in three weeks

Евро в обменниках подешевел впервые за три недели


The Euro traded at most for a year and a half

The European currency in the cash market rose in price for a long time despite changes in the dollar.

In exchange offices of the Kiev banks for the first three weeks decreased the rate of the Euro, according to данные

So, on Thursday, July 30, the average rate of buying the Euro fell by 6 kopecks to 31.94 UAH/EUR, the selling rate fell by 3 kopecks to 32.57 UAH/EUR.

After growth on the eve of the cheaper dollar rate: on sale for 7 cents to 27.75 UAH/USD, buying at 5 cents to 27.49 UAH/USD.

Note, according to government forecasts, next year the average dollar adavit 29,1 UAH. While the previously expected rate of 29.7 hryvnia.