The European Commission makes the athletes go to the shooting from laser rifles

Еврокомиссия заставляет биатлонистов перейти на стрельбу из лазерной винтовки

Tiril Eckhoff

The European Commission announced the idea of a ban of lead in outdoor sports.

This can have serious consequences for the biathlon. It is reported that the European Commission asked the European chemicals Agency to develop and consider a ban harmful to the environment substances in sports outdoors. Into their number entered and lead. At the moment alternatives to lead for making bullets used in the biathlon, no.

The Norwegian company Nammo tried to find other options, but, for example, bullets made of copper proved to be unsuitable for use in competitions.

In this case, the biathletes will have to shoot out a laser rifle.

Olympic champion Sochi-2014 and 4-time world champion, Norwegian biathlete Tiril Eckhoff categorically spoke about his attitude to possible changes in the rules of biathlon competitions.

“In this case, I have to finish. And I do not want”, – quotes the words of 29-year-old Tiril

Note that the ban on lead in sporting competitions can enter into force in 2022.

We will remind, in the spring of 2016 Eckhoff was diagnosed with asthma.

Add that the new biathlon season starts on November 30 in Ostersund, Sweden.