The European Union mobilizes capital to stimulate the economy

The head of the European Council Charles Michel said that because of the coronavirus pandemic of the European Union mobilizes capital to stimulate the economy.

Евросоюз мобилизует капитал для стимулирования экономики

According to Politico, a package of measures that prepare the leaders of the EU, will focus on the fight against damage from the coronavirus.

Michelle noted that a kind of “Marshall plan” for the economy of the European Union affected by the pandemic coronavirus, will be discussed Thursday, March 26. This incentive strategy, the European Council discussed with the ambassadors of the countries-participants of EU.

“And when I say “Marshall plan”, I mean serious ambitions,” said Charles Michel.

He also stressed that the plan to stimulate the economy mobilizes capital of the EU, in order to minimize the damage from the economic shock caused by the industry downturn due to pandemic coronavirus.

“This crisis will affect us in the short, medium and long term,” added Michelle.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. Senate passed a bill allocating $ 2.2 trillion to stimulate the economy in a pandemic coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that four us Senator sold his shares shortly after heard the secret reports about the threat of the spread of coronavirus in the world and the United States.

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