The European Union will provide Ukraine more than EUR 190 million

The European Union will allocate 962 million euros to support Eastern partnership countries in the fight against coronavirus. Of these funds more than 190 million will be directed on assistance to Ukraine.

Европейский Союз выделит Украине более 190 млн евро

It is reported by UNN with reference to the statement on Twitter EU Commissioner for European neighbourhood policy and negotiations to expand Oliver Fargei.

“To support our Eastern partner in the fight against coronavirus regional and bilateral funds are forwarded as part of its response action Team Europe in the amount of 962 million Euros for urgent needs and mitigate the socio-economic consequences,” wrote the Commissioner.

He also published a booklet informing about the distribution of these funds each EAP country.

“Ukraine: more than 190 million euros for urgent and short term needs… the EU supports the creation of a sustainable community by helping vulnerable people transition to online education, combating misinformation and strengthening cultural diversity and creativity in the Internet”, — said in a statement.