The ex-“brilliant” Anna Semenovich threw a Shoe at Putin: what happened

Экс-"блестящая" Анна Семенович запустила туфлей в Путина: что произошло

The ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” Anna Semenovich, who urged fans to support sick actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, decided to share a curious case, which occurred at the beginning of her career, and that could complicate her path to the big stage.

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According to Sobyanin, in those early years of “brilliant” was invited to the official event, which was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In addition, as the group sang the song “four seas” and danced on one of the shoes from S. popped open the clasp.

She swung her leg jumped …and shoes thrown at the President.

“To the President, Shoe, flew, fell at his feet, in the center of the table, where he sat” — said Anna Semenovich.

According to the singer finished the room it somehow was a little uncomfortable — of course, she wasn’t afraid of sending “four seas”, but was still a bit uncomfortable. Besides to interrupt the speech the girls did not, to apologize for it once.

Fortunately, the Shoe of the lame singer Shoe back — did Vladimir Vinokur, who along with Lev Leshchenko was also a member of performances.

A curious story confirmed by colleagues of Anna in the group hope Pen and Yulia Kovalchuk in the “million dollar Secret” on the channel NTV.

According to band members, in those years, when “Brilliant” were at the peak of popularity, they gave nine concerts in a day. So buy new shoes in the store, they would simply have no time.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Anna Semenovich commented on the rumors about his bisexuality.

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