The ex-soloist of “VIA gra” Misha Romanov: “due to breast surgery I could lose the baby”

The former lead singer of the female pop group “VIA Gra” Misha Romanov about a year ago gave birth to her son Martin. Recently, the singer admitted that did not know about the pregnancy when she decided to do plastic surgery, but after a while after surgery realized I could lose the baby.

Экс-солистка «ВИА Гры» Миша Романова: «Из-за пластики груди я могла потерять ребёнка»

In early spring of last year, Misha Romanov announced the resignation from the “VIA gra” and began to develop his solo career. After a time it became clear that the singer is expecting a child, but about the personal life she does not like to propagate, so only recently told when I found out about the pregnancy and the stress experienced in that period. It turned out that the decision about breast implants Romanova made while still a member of the team. She chose the clinic in which the surgery, passed the necessary tests and soon underwent the procedure of breast augmentation.

Only through time Misha Romanov found out about the pregnancy and came to the health facility, where he got plastic surgery, understand that the doctors already knew, but still risked her baby and had the procedure. The ex-soloist of “VIA gra”, faced with the negligence of physicians, is asking women not to risk the health and not to trust 100% the doctors. By the way, the name of the father of little Martin and Romanova did not declassify, only saying that relationship with him long ago in the past.