The ex-wife of Nikolay Tishchenko told about life after winning the beauty contest

Ex-wife of Nikolay Tishchenko, “Miss Ukraine-2008” Irina Zhuravskaya told how her life has changed after winning the beauty contest, says “social life”.

She noted that the victory they did not help.

Экс-супруга Николая Тищенко рассказала о жизни после победы в конкурсе красоты

“My competition I wasn’t much help. There was a lot of gossip. In 18 years I grieved. The girl must be 23-25 years old, something to imagine, to have something in mind, something to tell, not just show,” said Zhuravskaya.

Irina is quite a long time did not appear in public. She admitted that during this period dealt with the family and child. With her second husband she divorced. She is now married for the third time.

“I’m happy now. I have finally good. I have a very good serious man”, — said the model.

Among the guests at the evening “Miss Ukraine universe” was the ex-wife of Nikolay Tischenko Irina Zhuravskaya. The presenter shared how in 2008 the victory in the contest “Miss Ukraine universe” has helped her in later life. Does Irina Zhuravskaya relationship with her ex-husband Nikolay Tishchenko now — see story.

With her first ex-husband – Nikolay Tishchenko, she’s not communicating.

In addition, Zhuravskaya told me about his son and noticed that she was a loving mother.

“I am very affectionate, I really love it. He plays football, goes to kindergarten. Next year he goes to school. Every day it English, pool. I want to make him a real man, who will never insult women,” — said Irina.

We will remind, Irina Zhuravskaya and Nikolay Tishchenko got married in 2010. The wedding was celebrated in a circle of five hundred people on the banks of the Dnieper. After a year the couple divorced. In 2013 Irina the second time she married a businessman named Oleg. In 2014, she gave birth to her beloved son. The family lived in Moscow.