The ex-wife of Oleksandr Ponomareva has unveiled his personal life

The artist hides the private life.

Экс-жена Александра Пономарева рассекретила его личную жизнь

Singer Alexander Ponomarev, who in 2012 divorced Victoria Martynyuk, which has a son, Sasha, since then, keeps personal life under lock and key.

But Victoria accidentally declassified status of her former husband, said in the program “Life of famous people”. According to Martynyuk, who is now married and carries the surname Chekurda her ex-lover happy with a new girl. Victoria admitted that with Alexander they have cultural relations.

“We have a very cultural. We do not communicate. Communicate with our husbands. That is, I communicate with his wife. He communicates with my husband,” said Chekurda and added that his wife Ponomariov civil.

“I am very grateful to the civil wife of Alexander, she is good to my Sasha. I always criticize him when he’s not really tolerant about it responds. I bring respect for all adults. Especially to the civil wife of his father,” added Victoria.