The excesses of the ultras of FC Chornomorets has not allowed to finish the match of championship of Ukraine (video)

Бесчинства ультрас "Черноморца" не позволили завершить матч чемпионата Украины (видео)

The match of the 12th round of the championship of Ukraine in the First League between teams “the Balkans” (dawn) and Odessa “Chernomorets” was interrupted in the 71st minute when the score was 1:1.

The charges stemmed from the actions of the ultras guests.

In the first half fans of “Chernomorets” made itself felt smoke bombs, and after the break went “pop” in the stands and on the pitch, the players broke the fans, who in loud tones to “talk” with the players.

Further, the case went to the tear gas in the stands and a fight ensued, entered into force law enforcement officers with reinforcements.

In the end, the referee took the decision to withdraw the team from the field and the match was not finished.

Review of riots in Odessa ultras starts at 1:44:30 broadcast.