The exchange rate on July 14: the national currency is losing ground

Курс валют на 14 июля: гривна сдает позиции


The hryvnia lost to the dollar to one penny in buying and selling on the interbank market

At the beginning of the current week continued the trend of devaluation of the official and the market rate of the Ukrainian currency.

National Bank on Tuesday, July 14th, weakened the official exchange rate of hryvnia against Euro on 28,82 kopecks, to UAH 30,687. The relevant data of the NBU issued on Monday evening, July 13.

The official exchange rate of hryvnia against the dollar fell by 13.78 kopecks, to UAH 27,0883.

On the interbank currency market quotations for the dollar during the trading session on July 13 increased from UAH of 27.09. to 27.1 UAH. per dollar, the sales price has increased from 27.11 UAH. to 27,12 UAH.

Quotes buy Euro increased from UAH 30,6929. to 30,7693 UAH, offers, sales rose from 30,7156 to 30,7920 UAH.

As previously reported, the national Bank on Monday, July 13, has lowered the hryvnia exchange rate by almost 2 kopecks against the dollar but eased 14 kopecks against the Euro.