The exchange rate on July 20, 2020: the dollar becomes more expensive for the second week in a row

Курс валют на 20 июля 2020: доллар дорожает вторую неделю подряд

Photo: AP

The dollar continues to rise

The national Bank raised the dollar on 20 July to its highest level since early April. The cash dollar has exceeded 27,50 hryvnia.

The dollar exchange rate in exchange offices of the Kiev banks continues to rise for the second consecutive week, according to данные

So, on Monday, July 20, the selling rate of cash dollar rose by 8 cents to 27.56 UAH/USD, buying rate by 8 cents to 27,26 UAH/USD.

The average rate of buying the Euro rose by 14 cents to 30.84 UAH/EUR, the selling rate of 16 cents to 31,45 UAH/EUR.

As you know, the official dollar rate for July 20 has risen to maximum from the beginning of April — 27.36 USD.

Note,the national Bank for the first time in two years did not come out on migrancy for the week.Earlier policy of the NBU in the foreign exchange market was to smoothing of sharp fluctuations in either direction.