The exchange rate on July 21, 2020: the Growth of a cash dollar exchange rate has accelerated

Курс валют на 21 июля 2020: Рост наличного курса доллара ускорился

Photo: from open sources

The dollar is going up rapidly

The value of American currency in exchange offices is approaching 28 USD in sales, in buying almost a 27.5.

In Kiev exchangers is accelerating the growth of the dollar, according to данные

So, on Tuesday, 21 July, the selling rate of cash dollar rose 17 cents to 27.74 UAH/USD, buying rate – by 14 kopecks to 27,42 UAH/USD.

The average rate of buying the Euro rose by 18 cents to 31,05 UAH/EUR, the selling rate of 23 cents to of 31.71 UAH/EUR.

The national Bank has weakened the hryvnia exchange rate on 21 July for 24 penny — to 27.6 per dollar.

The new NBU head Kirill Shevchenko believes the fall of the hryvnia “normal”.