The expert called simple ways to deal with anger

When irritation and other negative emotional become uncontrolled, it spoils the quality of life, threatens the family’s relationship. How can we cope with such emotions?

Эксперт назвала простые способы справиться с раздражением

Irritability has become commonplace in the life of modern people. In most cases, the cause of constant irritation is a General dissatisfaction with life, which, in turn, exacerbate the fatigue from overtime, problems at work, family troubles.

What are the available methods enable you to control his irritation. To combat negativity it is first necessary to practice emotional intelligence, said the specialist.

“The person who suffers from irritability, you need to learn in time to “catch” the condition, when there is an internal vibration,” — said Kulikov-Cai.

That is exactly what the expert advises.

To consider. If you do not want to irritability and anger spoil relations with other people, at the time of “x” start to count to ten and breathe deeply. It helps to curb the outburst of negativity.

Walking. Very simple and very effective method is to walk to “ventilate” head and calm down.

To give vent to emotions. From time to time to scream, cry and give vent to the accumulated feelings is helpful. Very good to do this outdoors.

Like to share experiences. Negative emotions are dangerous to drive into, so my experiences are useful to share with your friends, counselor or even Pets. Expert advice to share negative emotions with the water. Tell water about their sorrows and see how it flows, carrying them with him. It will be easier.