The expert: coffee and tea cold and flu season can harm the immune system

In the season of colds it is better to replace coffee and strong full-bodied tea to other drinks to help the immune system easier to survive this time of year. Opinion shared about this doctor Andrew Tyazhelnikov.

Мнение эксперта: кофе и чай в сезон простуд могут вредить иммунитету

Tyazhelnikov, said in an interview with journalists, how drinking coffee and tea can harm the immune system. According to the doctor, regular consumption of coffee and tea contributes to dehydration, which contributes to decreased immunity and, consequently, increases the likelihood to suffer in the season of colds and other autumnal infections from the flu or SARS. To support protective forces of an organism it is important to get reasonably clean fluids, be well hydrated mucous membranes, since it reduces to the pathogens ability to penetrate the body.