The expert compared the Renault Arkana and Haval F7

Эксперт сравнил Renault Arkana и Haval F7

A crossover from Renault could not justify even the minimal expectations of the expert and disappointed him.

“People fly like flies”, — the expert spoke about the new crossover Renault Arkana, which was presented in 2018, and in 2019 began its mass production.

Despite such opinion of the expert, he is confident that people will still buy this model “Reno”.

Speaking of Chinese car Haval F7, the expert compared it to “Arcanol” and expressed his understanding of the situation.

According to him, the compact crossover will take for: a cool vehicle interior, interior and functionality. “People are buying “Chinese” without thinking. However, in the case of the Arkana, I can’t understand what they find in it.

Seeing where something is you would think that this is really a cool car, intranet captivating, so to speak. But when they came to the salon and drive it at least once, the experience will be the maximum negative”, — the expert explains.

Back to Renault Arkana browser again pointed to the fact that it is already not high expectations were not fulfilled. He was confident that the company will improve the salon and make a breakthrough in terms of ergonomics of the car.

In fact, it so happened that he failed even seat. Autocritic noted the presence of heating, but it for reasons he was only in the center with the side. “Trouble, trouble.

Still very much need to work. I was expecting the car to be steeper than the Renault Duster, but it was the opposite”, — concluded the expert about ergonomics and passed to the Soviets.

It sure is a problem Renault Arkana not only in the steering wheel. According to him, the whole car lacks the stabilization of the suspension and operation of all three modes leaves much to be desired.

In addition, the expert advised the engineers to take a simple suspension with a “Duster” pajaziti stabilizers and put on full drive. “Then she was cool”, — stressed in conclusion the expert.