The expert described the error which you were getting better during the holidays

The worst part for women losing weight? This is a vacation. Not many of us can survive it, not gaining 2-3 extra lbs. Because on vacation we want to relax, and choose the simplest and fastest way of relaxation – food and alcoholic beverages. Nutritionist Kristina Sheremetyeva, who previously told how to cope with evening appetite and gave advice on how to get better in this period, on his page on Instagram.

Эксперт назвала ошибки, из-за которых вы поправляетесь во время отпуска

Expert reviewed the basic mistakes that often make otpusknie and which should be avoided.

1. Avoid thinking: now relax and lose weight after the holidays.

When drawn into “relaxation”, then psychologically difficult to pull myself together and really start to lose weight. You will not notice how “lose weight later” (after the holiday Monday, after the holiday, the new year) will be for you a quite familiar condition. And +20kg can be reached.

This is our biggest mistake to build food in the cult. We make food the main purpose of vacation, holidays and friendly gatherings. We think that food should bring to our body the maximum pleasure. But it’s not.
We can get pleasure from a large number of positive emotions. So the vacation be active: try to spend more time in fellowship with family and friends, take part in excursions, attend a pool and Aqua gym, the evening walk walk, buy Souvenirs etc. When you will experience a great amount of positive emotions, you will not have the desire to regularly relax with food. Move the focus to fun with food on emotions.

2. Do not overestimate physical activity.

You would think that on vacation you are moving more than at home. Don’t forget that increased activity and new experiences awaken the appetite. Imperceptibly for yourself you can start eating more. Accustomed for a vacation to this diet, you will eat at home more, and the activity you have will decrease. In the end, you will quickly gain a few extra pounds.

4. Do not eat everything.

When we rest in the all inclusive and eat in the buffet restaurant, I want to try everything. We want to treat myself. This house don’t cook, eat at least here.

I understand you perfectly, but the body of the taster’s for your experiments thank you will not say exactly. Eat small portions and remember the total daily calorie. Distribute of dish you want to try, for the whole vacation. Today one try, tomorrow something else. To deal with being suddenly naidennye pounds – not the nice end of the holiday.

5. Fruit and juice is harmless light food.

Some believe that if they eat fruits and drink juices, then feed the body with vitamins and excess weight is not gain. This is a misconception.

Fruits contain fructose (a monosaccharide), which is essentially a quick carbohydrate. If your metabolism is slow, you eat as a hit, move a little (lie all the time on the beach), all unexpended calories from fruit will settle easily into fat. In addition, excess fructose in the body leads to an increased formation of triglycerides (fat) and fatty liver.

If store-bought juices, then the sugar in them, Oh how much!!! This is clearly unprofitable product. If the juices are freshly squeezed and strained, it removed an important component of a healthy diet – fiber. Thanks to the fiber the sugar from fruit is absorbed more slowly. To maintain its beauty and health, eat no more than 300g of fruit per day. Let in the diet is dominated by vegetables and greens. By the way, green vegetables contain more vitamin than in the fruit.