The expert explained how to find out your rate of fluid a day

The question of the amount of fluid in one day, one of the most controversial and topical among specialists. How much clean water is considered the norm, when it is better to use and whether to wash down meals is a common topic of discussion not only among the dieters. Dietitian-nutritionist Alena Korotkova decided to shed some light on common myths about water and gave on the page in Instagram a couple of important tips for those who watches over health and weight.

Эксперт пояснила, как узнать свою норму жидкости в день

The controversy surrounding the amount of fluid in the diet not subside. Some say that it is not necessary specially to drink water, others insist on 3-4 liters of water a day. Well, about the recommendation to drink 8 glasses or 2 liters of water was heard. But this advice does not take into account gender, age, activity level, climatic conditions, etc.

Nutrition is taught to drink 30 ml per kg of body weight. I.e. with a weight of 60 kg woman needs 1800 ml of water. But again, other data are not taken into account, which in itself is strange.

The expert advises to focus on the color of urine and the number of trips to the toilet. Products of metabolism are excreted by the kidneys in the urine. If there’s not enough water, the urine has a darker color and pungent smell. If enough water, the urine color almost transparent. This is the norm for a healthy person.

Don’t forget that you should take into account not only the pure water. So, the American Dietetics Association recommends not training the average woman to consume 2200 ml of water, and not training the average male 2900 ml of water per day, including liquid food products.

Conclusion: the need to drink. But certainly not to get hung up and not grow for the bottle of water, as suggested by many nutritionists. The expert recommends to start with 3-4 glasses of pure water a day, one of which you will drink after you Wake up.

Water can be drunk before, during and after a meal. No effect on the acidity and digestion, it has not. The only restriction for those suffering from heartburn. By increasing the volume of food in the stomach will increase the pressure in it, which can lead to acid reflux. If you are healthy, drink water safely.