The expert explained how to get rid of sugar addiction

A “seize” sweet in a bad mood or a bad day, trying this way to please myself — and as a result get addicted to sugar, overweight and inability to lose weight. Nutritionist Jankuliyev of Lachin, which had previously named the top 20 products for youth and beauty, shared on his page in Instagram simple but effective tips that will help to overcome sugar cravings.

Эксперт рассказала, как избавиться от сахарной зависимости

Expert listed 4 basic steps:

1. To abandon the sweet, sharply, without any substitutions. It’s very hard, but, if it is to endure 10 days of running, You stop acquiring the taste until you try again.

2. Deal with your emotions, understand that you replace the sweet? Love? Care? Getting rid of boredom? Fill the void with other methods: massage, meditation, meeting with friends.

3. Balance your diet. Eat more fats. On fast carbs pulls when diet few healthy fats. Enrich your diet: coconut oil, nuts, avocados, unrefined vegetable oils, butter, ghee. Eat more slow carbs, eliminate all fast carbs, so as not to cause surges of insulin.

4. Get enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, hormones are worse, the energy is not enough and the body tries to compensate for the energy is familiar and available to him by the sweet.

It is very important to build the right diet and lifestyle to get rid of their addictions, get healthy, the skin is cleansed and the excess weight is gone.