The expert explained, what will medifarma Ukraine

Medical expert Anatoly Yakimenko said that the government Goncharuk-Zelensky continued the policy of extermination medicine in Ukraine, however, “in contrast to 1941 in 2020 is nobody with a gun”.

Эксперт объяснил, к чему приведет медреформа Украину

He told this in an interview with the head of political programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Yuri Romanenko.

“On the first of April 2020 in Ukraine, the planned main phase of health reform — transition to payment for work performed. The political power of the country “put up ads”, campaigned communicated, that is, led people to this stage several years, telling them about the prospects of a better life from the introduction of the new payment method, gently hinting that the small salaries and informal payments of patients due to the fact that hospital employees receive a salary for the job, and stay in the workplace. Well, this understanding from the people in power. It happens,” explained Yakimenko.

In his words, after the information policy of the Ukrainian government, “our people, decentralized, with avtoemissionnye hospitals, suitable for the second stage of health care reform, but sees that the front columns are formed non-profit municipal entrepreneurs who are sent to centers of employment.”

Those who do not want to leave, “forced to write application for compensation at the minimum level, or even half of it,” a patient promise “to pay all and for all””. At the same time in social networks “spread them out”, for example, “the Ukrainian doctors will take Europe,” and “patient — Ukrainian land”.

“Unlike 1941, in 2020 there’s nobody standing with a gun. However, the whole nation continues to move towards health “Babi Yar”, explaining his decision by the fact that to turn back is impossible. No, because you wouldn’t believe — sorry for the time spent, the effort on the path. Well and a sacramental: and before that was better?”, — said Yakimenko.

In his opinion, “at first sight it looks like collective madness and total act of suicide, which no one pays attention because it does not understand anything in the complex, for the vast majority, the medical field”.

“But this is only at first glance. Sure these things happen in other areas. Foreign policy, various areas of domestic policy — all together is an act of collective suicide. And it started not today and not yesterday. Start time do not matter. Importance of reasons for this behavior,” explained the expert.

Yakimenko noted that the Ukrainian people “can’t form ethical standards,” “cannot follow others ‘ethical norms” and “cannot make a moral choice.”

“Everything would be fine if we just couldn’t understand. Well, would have lived moral monsters and would be happy. Some people are so live. But our collective soul feels the discomfort that we can’t handle ethics, consciousness, intelligence. This discomfort pushes us out of the “house”. We run from ourselves and we become easier to hit a convoy and to escape from life than back home. Because nowhere to go. Ethical helplessness is the cause of frivolous credulity. For us faith is a necessary self — deception,” concluded Yakimenko.