The expert has made useful check-list for dieters

Want to lose weight but don’t know where to start to make things right? Dietitian-nutritionist Hope of Pachinko, which previously revealed the formula flat stomach, on his page on Instagram published a useful check-list, in which all the important moments in the form of myths and truth.

Эксперт составила полезный чек-лист для желающих похудеть

So check yourself and correct mistakes, if any.

MYTH. Drink only when you want, you need to listen to your body.

TRUE. No water weight loss is impossible. Water helps the body expel excess fat and toxins that are formed during fat digestion and slow down metabolism. Water shortage in weight reduction will slow the rate of separation of fat.

MYTH. To lose weight need to count calories.

TRUE. For quality weight loss is not enough simply to count calories, you need to follow a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It’s easy to do with the application in the phone.

MYTH. To lose weight, you need to know when and what to eat in order to not get into fat. Like carbohydrates, it is possible to lunch, it seems to need to abandon the milk, it prevents to lose weight, and after six so also in and so on.

TRUE. Forget about all these problems. To FAT will not the carbohydrates, not fats, but only extra calories that you burn throughout the day.

MYTH. The main thing is to eat my normal calories during the day, the regime is not important.

TRUE. If you make a big gap between the tonics of food, there is a strong sense of hunger, which cope would be extremely difficult and will fail. Make food it is recommended every 3-4 hours.

MYTH. You need a lot of exercise to lose weight.

TRUE. For weight loss important calorie deficit and you can lose weight without training. Training is important for quality of your body: so that the muscles were in good shape, and the body was trim and elastic.

And finally, without the myth — go to bed on time, sleep at least 7 hours. Then your body will have to recover well, not to be hormonal disruptions, decrease swelling, increase strength and energy, decrease irritability.