The expert predicted the impact on the dollar

After the holiday weekend in connection with the Victory Day over Nazism will continue to fall in the U.S. dollar to the local currency.

Эксперт спрогнозировал, как изменится курс доллара

About this RBC-Ukraine said Alpari analyst Vadim Iosub.

According to him, the United States dollar on the interbank market will be approximately 26,7 UAH./dollars. and the banks on the level of 26.6 to 26.9 UAH./dollars.

Iosub noted that last week there was a decrease in U.S. dollar exchange rate to Ukrainian by 0.4-0.6%.

From may 1 to 8 set by the national Bank, the dollar fell by 0.6% from 26.97 to 26.82 UAH./dollars.

“Ukrdealing” informs that the demand and supply of the dollar on the interbank market over the same period fell by 0.4%. Demand from 26.94 to 26.83 RS./dollars. offer — from 26.97 to 26.85 UAH./dollars.

The average rate of purchase and sale of cash in banks also fell for the week. Purchase rate of 26.88 with up to 26.76 UAH./dollars. sales of 27.21 with to 27.04 UAH./dollars.

This caused a decrease in the spread between the average performance of the sale and purchase of from 1.2 to 1% due to the more rapid fall of rate of sale compared to purchase.

According to experts, when Ukraine’s failure to receive tranche from the IMF, the rate rises above the level of 30 UAH./dollars.