The expert replied, can I eat cracked eggs

Can I eat egg if it is cracked? This question was answered by the expert.

Эксперт ответил, можно ли есть треснувшие яйца

If we are talking about raw eggs with cracked shells, they are by far to eat is not worth it, because on the surface may be a pathogen, e.g. Salmonella.

If the egg will pass heat treatment, that is it. As noted by doctor of technical Sciences Isabella Stefanova, at 70 degrees all the germs, including Salmonella, are killed.

“Without the processing of raw eggs is not desirable to use, because dirt and various germs are on the shell. Eggs should be washed before eating, because when you break an egg with the shell E. coli can get into food,” said Stefanova.
With regard to storage periods, the eggs can be stored no more than seven days, soup kitchens from eight to 25 days. To keep eggs in the fridge.