The expert suggested that the method of employment of workers

Co-founder of the “Ukrainian Institute for the future,” Anatoly Amelin believes that the main task of the government in a situation of coronaries is creating jobs, including for workers who have returned home.

Эксперт предложил способ трудоустройства заробитчан

He said this in an interview with the chief-editor of “Hvilya” Yuri Romanenko.

“Last year we had a record $ 15 billion from migrant workers came in. This is the pillow that is helping Ukraine not to fall too deep, but this year she will be eaten. Jobs, they create opportunity for people to get paid. Getting paid, these people spend money in the store. But consumption is a factor stimulating the economy. Moreover, working person, a person who receives a salary, he makes a contribution to GDP. If it doesn’t work, sits on the budget, receives a social allowance — he is a consumer. Therefore, the main challenge now for government is creating jobs,” — said the expert PEB.

Amelin skeptical about the statement of the Prime Minister Denis Smagala about the creation in Ukraine of 500 thousand jobs, doubting the realism of this plan. However, according to analysts, in the country can be created 200-300 thousand new jobs.

“The project, which last year implemented the so-called “Big construction”, it can be expanded, increased. And, in particular, of the migrant workers, who returned, and the figure was mentioned of 300 to 500 thousand people, at least one third of them may be employed in Ukrainian infrastructure projects. But that’s not all. The centers of cities, as a rule, enough killed, plus deteriorating infrastructure. What is worse, we now have spring, to plan and to Finance projects associated with upgrading urban infrastructure, renovation of infrastructure for recreation of citizens. It will also create jobs at the time of quarantine, after quarantine measures at a time of crisis, yet we do not pass this stage,” — said the economist.

He noted that the money for these projects can be taken from two sources – external and internal. With an external source in connection with the global economic crisis may have problems. “”The most basic that is offered is, of course, the assistance of external donor partners. Unfortunately, the crisis has led to the fact that it is difficult to enter foreign capital markets and borrow, because there is no trust to anyone, and especially to Ukraine, which recently has even publicly discussed the topic “let’s declare a default”,” said Amelin.

A more realistic source of funds, according to him, are internal loans. “You can return as hryvnia government bonds and dollar-denominated government bonds. I think they will be a certain demand, including from foreign players,” the analyst concluded PEB.