The expert told about the Goji berries, Kombucha and guarana a miracle will happen

Fashion on dietary Supplements began with new force, that not only offers the contemporary market exotic mushrooms, berries and seeds from different parts of the world. However, doctors are skeptical. Understand why.

Эксперт рассказал о ягодах Годжи, чайном грибе и гуаране — чуда не произойдет

Dietitian Elena Solomatina says what effect has a miraculous plants and mushrooms.


Guarana is native to Brazil, it is advertised as a remedy against chronic depression, beloeil, headaches, spasms of blood vessels and increasing stamina.

Expert opinion:

“In guarana is a lot of caffeine, but acts on the body it more gently and for a long time. Often, this Supplement uses the weight — it gives courage, a little dulls the appetite. Also it is added in the so-called sports nutrition. However, guarana cannot be used to hypertensive patients with atherosclerosis, people with diseases of the brain and nervous system after a stroke, pregnant. Excessive use of this tool may lead to tachycardia, insomnia, overstimulation”.


Sellers state that Kombucha cures diseases of the digestive tract, used in the treatment of liver, gall bladder, hypertension, colds and headaches. Original Kombucha appeared on the Ceylon island, has spread in India, and later in Siberia. So whether it helps with so many illnesses?

Expert opinion:

“It’s not even BAD, most preventive drink, the effect of which is based on the synthesis of microorganisms. There are enzymes that are very close to our digestive system so it helps digestion. However, it is contraindicated in serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as it can lead to both improvement and deterioration”.

Goji Berries

Another miracle product that in the opinion of the sellers contains maximum amount of minerals, vitamins, amino acids. They help to normalize blood sugar, increase elasticity of blood vessels, normalization of arterial pressure.

Expert opinion:

“We have the organism constantly there are processes in which there is destruction of proteins, and not only in muscles, but also proteins, immune and hormonal systems. However, it’s just a good General tonic, nothing more”.