The expert told about the types of fat listed and they are harmful to health


The expert said that there are two types of fat

Эксперт рассказала о типах жира и перечислила их вред для здоровья

Specialist in nutrition Katya Matushkina told all about the types of fat listed opasnosti associated with the increased content in the body of each of these species. So, there are 2 types of fat – subcutaneous and it’s.


Located directly under the skin and accounts for 90% of body fat. The amount can be measured in many medical or sport centers (pass bioimpedance analysis of body composition).

The minimum amount of fat women is 13%, and for men 2-5%.
Obesity is considered to be the amount of fat in women — more than 32% of men — more than 26%.
But it all depends on the source data: age, build.

To reduce the number of this type of fat can be not a tricky method: reduce the amount of fast carbohydrates in the diet, replace them challenging to keep the diet under normal daily calories, add the active fat-burning, and strength training.


This type of fat most dangerous to health. It is located in the abdominal cavity around the internal organs. If visceral fat too much, it: squeezes internal organs, slows digestion, raises the diaphragm, causing the heart and lungs work under stress.

To understand whether you have excess visceral fat, you need to divide your waist measurement into the hip measurement. For women the figure should not be greater than 0.85 and for men greater than 1.0.

There is another indicator: in women the waist should not be more than 82 cm, and in men more than 94. If the waist measurement is increased — hence, “bad” fat you have too many.