The expert told how to achieve a beautiful, healthy and radiant skin


Popular beauty blogger Irina shark regularly shares on the network effective beauty recipes and various useful tips. At this time, the expert said on his page on Instagram, how to achieve a beautiful, healthy and radiant skin.

According to her, it needs to follow the basic 5 steps and then your skin will delight you and delight others.

Эксперт рассказала, как добиться красивой, здоровой и сияющей кожи

1. Proper diet

As if that was not corny, but Yes, proper nutrition is more than half of success on the path to healthy, radiant and smooth skin. Probably all already know that you need to eat less fried, smoked, salty, sweet. More fruits, vegetables and drink plenty of pure water, not juice and soda and water.⠀

2. Cleansing

It’s just mega important. Never go to bed with makeup on. And do you have to do both morning and evening cleansing and incidentally, they differ from each other. And any mask, cream, any cosmetic product should be applied on cleansed face. So cleansing is very important.⠀

3. Peels, scrubs

The skin was smooth and delicate it should be cleaned from dead cells. This can be done with the help of home care, with the purchase of cosmetics (e.g., facial scrubs). Or it may be professional care from the beautician. I prefer home care and cosmetics. I like fruit peels. They don’t cause peeling, align and improve the complexion. By the way scrubs should be very fine particles, otherwise you can only harm the skin. ⠀

4. Hydration, nutrition

Hydration and nourishment is a very important step for smooth, glowing and healthy skin. I think this is the most difficult item. It is important to choose the right and suitable for your skin cream, masks, etc.

5. Sun protection

The sun’s rays cause great harm to the skin. Contribute to pigmentation, aging and dehydration. It is therefore important to choose a good sunscreen.