The expert told how to become slimmer without exhausting diets

To lose weight quickly, effectively, without any restrictions and with minimum costs without harming health is the dream of all who seek harmony. Nutritionist eve Shishova, which had previously been taught to lose weight while you sleep, told page in Instagram, which tyre product should be deleted to become slimmer.

Эксперт рассказала, как стать стройнее без изнуряющих диет

Expert acquainted with the method of weight loss, which is totally unrelated to dieting, calorie restriction and strict regime. She offered to give up from just four product categories-enemies of harmony.

Want to lose weight you just need to delete:

  • sugar and sugar-containing products
  • flour and products containing flour
  • white polished rice
  • potatoes

To these four rules, the expert recommends to add an active life — not less than 8-10 thousand steps a day. According to nutritionist and follow this advice to get rid of 3-6 kg per month.

What is the secret?

But the secret, in General, no, you just slightly increase your daily activity and refuse from fast carbs. In fact, these 4 product are reduced to a huge amount of food you eat every day, when you begin to give up sugar, you will be surprised what a lot of food that you eat every day contain sugar. The same applies to flour.

You need to give up not just from bread, you need to refuse all products which, there are words and phrases:

  • Sugar/glucose/syrup/glucose syrup, etc.
  • rye flour/wheat/rice/corn etc.