The expert told how to resist the “evening munchies”

Business to midnight, and to you, out of habit, looked into the guests an appetite and demands urgently to indulge the sin of gluttony? So you will not lose weight! How to deal with the problem? The dietitian Alla Ponimaskin, which had previously listed healthy foods that are high in calories, gave effective advice from the “evening munchies” on his page in Instagram.

Эксперт рассказала, как удержаться от «вечернего жора»

So, what to do to avoid overeating at night:
Not fast day train yourself to eat properly! Don’t miss the lunch and dinner portions should be large enough. Did not want to eat at night.
Protein from 2 eggs, 2 PCs total of 34 Kcal and 0 g of carbs, but enough protein and sleep with a clear conscience.

Water, the best pair of glasses, the method short-lived, gives a reprieve for about 20 minutes, so go to sleep immediately. But we should not abuse the use of liquid, if you are worried about morning puffiness.

Brush your teeth. The brain perceives this as a signal that food today.

Control your appetite and keep yourself in hand. You are what you eat.
“Men love with their eyes that they were not talking about a spiritual bond with you,” — concluded the expert.