The experts identified five useful but underrated vegetable products

Although all plant foods are full of important and useful ingredients, some of them still are not receiving the attention you deserve. German nutrition experts identified five such completely unfairly underrated products.

Эксперты назвали пять полезных, но недооцененных растительных продуктов

Cabbage. Cabbages can give a lot of good body – more than other more expensive products. A total of 150 grams of cabbage contain up to 90% of the daily value of vitamin C, one of the most important vitamins to support cellular metabolism in the body and its immune system. Also a vegetable is a rich source of vitamin K, essential for normal blood formation. Sprouts are rich in selenium, magnesium and potassium – these minerals strengthen the immune system, healthier heart. Contained in the cabbage bioflavonoid, chlorophyll, indole and phenol to fight free radicals, thus preventing the development of cancer cells and slowing the aging process. The use of cabbage provides the necessary regenerative processes in the eyes, kidneys, liver, blood vessels and nerve cells.

Potatoes. Carbohydrate potatoes often declared undesirable for human consumption, but experts say the concern is only French fries or chips. Itself is clean the potatoes can lower high blood pressure, and cold boiled potatoes very useful for the intestinal flora, acting on her like a tissue.

The fennel. This plant contains two times more vitamin C than an orange. Essential oil of fennel, anethole and fenchol, have antispasmodic effect and helps digestion. The use of fennel strengthens the body’s immune defenses and helps to prevent cancer, because vegetable is not only rich in minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus), but also antioxidants.

Chicory. Regular use of chicory could be protected from senile dementia: cichorieae acid helps prevent the formation of toxic beta-amyloid plaques, considered the main reason for the development of dementia. In addition, the use of the drink from chicory can be very useful for people with diabetes and obesity — chicory helps reduce sugar and bad cholesterol in the body, which is very important in endocrine disorders. Also chicory relieves inflammation in the digestive system, suitable for drinking cores and suffer from insomnia.

The radishes.
In addition to healthy fiber and carbohydrates radish is full of minerals: it contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron. Mustard oil, which is responsible for the characteristic pungency of the radish, has an antibacterial effect, contributing to the destruction of dangerous pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract. Scientists say that eating radish allows you to increase the body’s level of beneficial and essential vitamins. For this reason the radish is very useful for people with disorders such as low hemoglobin level (anemia), increased blood sugar levels, weakness and fatigue.