The experts said hazardous amount of ginger

Ginger is the most popular tuber for fighting colds, but German doctors warn that too much ginger can cause side effects. Experts called, and unhealthy amount of ginger.

Эксперты указали на опасное для здоровья количество имбиря

Many people at the first symptoms of the disease are diligent to drink tea with ginger. Indeed, ginger has natural healing properties and can improve digestion, strengthen the immune system.

However, caution should be exercised when dosing: the daily dose should not exceed from two to a maximum of four grams, ascertain professionals. Medicinal plant can help with many ailments, but like other products, should be consumed in moderation, they recalled.

Problems with the stomach. Because too much ginger can cause heartburn. Ginger tea after meals can reduce bloating and stimulate digestion, but also encourages the digestive system to produce more gastric acid. People who are prone to heartburn, you should drink only a few SIPS of the drink with ginger.

The blood thinners. Those who have surgery, or those to whom it was made, shall refrain from the consumption of ginger. A medicinal herb has a blood thinning effect. This can have dangerous consequences in connection with the transactions.

In addition, ginger can enhance menstrual cramps. Women are recommended to delete ginger from your diet during pregnancy.