The experts suggested to abandon the dinner

Research in the field of clinical nutrition showed that meal times can have a greater impact than something that you eat.

Эксперты предложили отказаться от ужина

Scientists believe that the rejection of the dinner can speed up the process of weight loss.

The researchers compared weight-loss results of two groups of people sitting on a diet which included only women aged 18 to 45 years. They consumed the same amount of daily calories, but one group ate their food during Breakfast and lunch, and the second group had a dinner.

The representatives of the first group also was shown to improve insulin sensitivity, which may help to prevent diabetes.

Despite the fact that more research is needed to determine whether you can maintain these results and whether they were to the population as a whole, it is a simple lifestyle change that everyone can do. As a bonus you lose the typical hunger in the afternoon, as your Breakfast a little more calories than usual.

After a hearty lunch you will be much less want to eat. To simplify the transition to such a diet, the study authors still recommended to eat, but only the salad vegetables.