The explosion of the Iranian tanker in the Red sea (PHOTO)

Взрыв прогремел на иранском танкере в Красном море (ФОТО)

Off the coast of Saudi Arabia in the Red sea blew up an Iranian oil tanker, reports channel “Rain” with reference to Associated Press.

The incident occurred in the Red sea near the port of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, according to preliminary data, none of the crew of the tanker were not injured. As reported Press TV citing the Iranian state tanker company, tanker, two explosions occurred within 20 minutes: it is possible that the explosions were caused by two rocket attacks. The explosions occurred at 05:00 and 05:20 local time (04:30 and 04:50 GMT respectively).

Iranian news Agency ISNA reported that the cause of the explosion is not yet known – presumably it was the result of a terrorist attack. the tanker owned the National Iranian oil company. The explosion damaged two oil tank, whereby the oil was in the Red sea.

Information about the explosion came after the United States accused Iran in the attack on the tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. Tehran denies the charges.