The extended golf season makes people happy

Extended golf season makes people happy


The golf season is stretched this year in some clubs in the region, to the delight of golf enthusiasts. 

After a busy summer season, it's is the time for golf clubs to thank their most loyal members. “It's not the most profitable week, but we're really doing it to give our members a gift,” said the General Manager of Golf & Académie Longchamp.

Even amateurs who generally frequent other golf courses run those that are always open in order to take advantage of the season until the last moment.

However, the cold of the November mornings can sometimes delay departures. Those who were due to leave at 9 a.m. on Thursday morning dismissed their contest at 10 a.m., to allow the ground time to thaw.

“If you walk on frozen grass, it burns it. We therefore have to wait so as not to damage the grounds,” explained the general manager of the Sherbrooke Golf Club.

Usually closed at the end of October, it is until November 6 at the Golf & Longchamp Academy and until November 9 at the Sherbrooke Golf Club that golfers can enjoy the courses one last time before tightening their clubs for the winter.