The fairy Aida has announced an important day. “Today you see more than usual”

Aida Kosjan-Przybysz announces an important and special day.

The bro Aida has announced an important day.

As the portal “Pomponik” reminds us, Aida Kosjan-Przybysz is very popular among internet users, as well as her fears concerning the future. Contrary to many other visionaries, her predictions are characterized by a much lower dose of witchcraft and dramatic predictions. In difficult times, many people are looking for positives, ray Aids are extremely valuable. What is the latest fairy announcement about?

Fairy Aida announces an important day

The prophecies shared by fellow Aida have earned her many sympathizers. As she maintains, the gift has been passed down in her family for generations in the female line. Recently, Aida Kosjan-Przybysz revealed that we had a very important day ahead of us. On Thursday, September 15, Aida shared a valuable tip.

She pointed out that mid-September is the time for” reading between the lines “and” hearing between words “. She emphasized that this is a time when we can see much more than usual. In order to see it, one should be “open” to a message that does not have to come from words, but also from gestures or signs that appear around us.

“Intuition, how a magnifying glass can show you both features and beauty invisible to the naked eye. You may be surprised by your own thoughts and reading what you see” – we read in Aida's writer.

Aida's post was full of comments, not Internet users. “The last days are” different “and abound with me with the other side of our life. A lot of people who have already passed appear in dreams” – wrote one of them. Inna admitted that she has recently felt that her intuition is working much more intensively.

What do you think of the tips from fellow Aida?