The fall season strongly affects our health. How to distinguish the symptoms of the three most common diseases recently

The number of cases is increasing. Flu, covid and RSV dominate.

 The fall season has a strong impact on our health. How to differentiate the symptoms of the three most popular diseases of the last time

Autumn has brought another wave of not very well-being for many people . Portal & ldquo; News Dziennik Toruński & rdquo; describes how to distinguish the symptoms of individual diseases, especially Covid-19, influenza and RSV.

All three are caused by respiratory viruses and therefore their symptoms are quite similar. Among them is, of course, a cough, a runny nose and a fever. Some, however, are quite different.


Respiratory syncytial virus is a pain mainly in young children and the elderly. A characteristic symptom of RSV is wheezing like a rattle or a whistle.


In this case, the specific symptoms are very high fever, nausea and sometimes even vomiting. .


In turn, the coronavirus, which has dominated in the last two years. Covid-19, compared to other diseases, distinguishes a very frequent loss of taste and smell. It also has long-term complications, such as foggy, difficult to concentrate.

 The fall season strongly affects our health. How to detoxify the symptoms of the three most popular recent disease & oacute; b

Prevention and treatment

Healthcare professionals alert you to try to prevent infection by vaccinating your hands, sanitizing your hands and avoiding large groups of people.

If you are already feeling unwell, it is better to consult your doctor, especially if symptoms still persist after five days, or even worsen or if we notice problems with proper breathing.

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