The famous basketball player made a scandalous confession on Madonna

58-year-old Dennis Rodman — basketball player, wrestler and actor admitted that he almost became the father of one of the children of the Madonna. As reported by Rodman, Madonna offered him a huge sum for what he had done to her child.

Знаменитый баскетболист сделал скандальное признание о Мадонне

This story, as told Rodman during his recent appearance on the TV show The Breakfast Club, this story happened a long time ago, in the mid-90s. But to talk about her basketball player decided just now. As told to Dennis, at the time, Madonna, who was then only 35 years old, had no children. And he was ready for much, just to spin an affair with her.

And here the singer after hearing from someone that Rodman is out to get her, she suddenly made him a shocking offer. Madonna offered him $ 20 million for the fact that he was the father of her child! Notice, however, that will transfer money to his account only after your baby is born.

Знаменитый баскетболист сделал скандальное признание о Мадонне

Rodman has always been a lover of scandals and Amateur provocative antics. He repeatedly dyed his hair in the most incredible colors, appeared once at a formal event in a dress… But the fact that they offered him the Madonna was too much even for him. However, Rodman, who at the time was free because he had already divorced his first wife and married second Carmen electra, still took advantage of the situation and spent the night with Madonna. And then slipped away, so did her and did not answer. And in the conclusion of his history, Dennis hinted that one person, unlike Rodman, could not resist the offer of the singer. And Carlos Leon father of Lourdes, the eldest daughter of Madonna, has received for his paternity for the singer to have a solid amount. However, how much the singer allegedly paid Carlos, he did not elaborate.