The famous Italian runner by example, shared information about the symptoms of coronavirus

Edoardo by Melloni who is one of the best athletes in the Cus Pro Patria Milano, confirmed that the coronavirus affects not only the elderly, but also athletes with good health.

Известный итальянский бегун на своем примере поделился информацией о симптомах коронавируса

Edoardo By Melloni Who

By Melloni who reported that they commissioned a test for the virus COVID-19 gave a positive result, in consequence of which he was in the hospital “Sacco” of Milan.

However, he shared information about the symptoms of coronavirus.

“I’m fine now. Fortunately, I got to the hospital in time and I hope that in the near future will return home. Given that the symptoms of coronavirus are subjective and are passed from person to person. I, for example, it all started with a trivial fever, temperature 37.5 and a small cough,” stated by Melloni who in an interview with AIPS Media.

“Over time, the cough became more intense, until it was to last for 5-10 minutes. Strong and dry. During one of these occasions I found that I was coughing up blood. After that I was sent to the emergency room,” said the athlete.

“Cannot be underestimated and is another symptom. Total or partial loss of the senses of taste and smell are also important. In the hospital I noticed these symptoms two of the three patients. These are symptoms that can also appear in people who have no other symptoms, such as cough or fever, so they are useful for self-assessment.

I understand that the loss of taste sometimes full. Still some can’t distinguish between a piece of chocolate, boiled carrots or pasta with sauce,” said the Italian.

Thus by Melloni who told of therapy that it has appointed doctors.

“They (Dr. – approx. decided to give me therapy, which was widely used in hospitals in Wuhan. It is a combination of drugs used to treat arthritis and HIV-infected patients. The medicines are hydroxychloroquine and lopinavir/ritonavir. Among the side effects that they report, dysentery, occurred on the first day. From the second day is much better. I don’t feel any additional effects on your body,” assured by Melloni who.

Furthermore, the Italian runner shared his experience in the clinic.

“Upon arrival to the hospital I measured the oxygen saturation in my blood (I think it was 95). I did a chest x-ray, which showed the current pneumonia. I was given an emergency PAP smear. I finally have an electrocardiogram. After the examination, the infectious disease specialist they decided to hospitalize me. Arriving in the room I met a doctor who explained to me the experimental therapy, and asked for the consent of the administration. After I started therapy. Our room separated from the corridor to the second room where doctors, nurses and staff have to change before entering. They wear overalls, double mask and a plastic visor that covers the face”.