The famous Russian actor was in intensive care after drinking alcohol


Знаменитый российский актер попал в реанимацию после употребления алкоголя

Famous Russian actor Oleg Menshikov urgently hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

According to the REN TV, the actor felt bad after drinking alcohol and he was taken to a Moscow clinic.

Representatives of the star of the film “the Pokrovskie gate”, “Burnt by the sun”, “the Barber of Siberia” and the other has not yet commented on the situation.

Note that since 2012, He occupies the post of artistic Director of the Yermolova theatre.

By the way, in 2004, the actor has frankly told “the Facts” about their bad habits, mentioning alcohol.

Menshikov’s friends say he has serious problems with pressure, but the actor doesn’t care about their health.

with a heart attack. According to the wife Mamonova, doctors are now evaluating the status of the artist as stable.

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