The famous Ukrainian football player caught in violation of quarantine (video)

Знаменитого украинского футболиста поймали на нарушении карантина (видео)

Famous Ukrainian footballer Oleg Salenko caught breaking the quarantine on one of the playgrounds of Kiev.

This is stated in the plot of “Controller”, which airs on the TV channel “Ukraine”.

Salenko was “senior” in the group of players and talked to drove up to the place by the police.

They had the following dialogue:

  • Salenko: I want to see the documents. What is prohibited?
  • COP: to be in a public place more than 10 people forbidden. Did you know that?
  • Salenko: – And then did 60 have?
  • Policeman: – Number – 10.
  • Journalist: – what’s your name?
  • Salenko: – Shame not to know. I’ll tell you my name. For my interview with the money you have to pay. Salenko Oleg.
  • COP: – Year of birth?
  • Salenko: – 1969. I’d love to teach this system.
  • Journalist: – Everyone who played football on the court, could infect each other. Conscience you somewhere thought?
  • Salenko: – Conscience? When you Wake up the conscience, what are you doing right now? Snap out of it. To earn a name for himself?
  • The Journalist: – I?
  • Salenko: – Yes. I’m not the same. Me name is not necessary. I have it a lot.
  • Journalist: Excuse me, what you have is awesome?
  • Salenko: – Name, BL”””. And you know. It to me – above his head.

Also on the site was a former player of Kiev CSKA Alexander Kovtun. He said that coronavirus does not exist, and the mask is not essential.

The police wanted to file a report for Salenko for violation of quarantine, but in the end it all ended with a warning.