The father of the singer Beyonce was diagnosed with breast cancer

The father of American R&B singer Beyonce in a recent interview spoke about his diagnosed cancer of the breast, men are quite rare. Mathew Knowles in his Twitter account announced the release of a program, which frankly will share details of the disease and the reaction of the family at the news of the disease.

У отца певицы Бейонсе диагностировали рак груди

In a candid interview with the host of the show Good Morning America Mathew Knowles will talk about diagnosed cancer and family relationships, particularly with her daughter, famous singer Beyonce. Earlier in the press appeared information about the conflict between a celebrity and her father, who also was the acting Manager. Knowles denies quarrel with her daughter, saying that between them a great family relationship.

By the way, she Beyonce a few years ago told me that broke off with Matthew Newsom solely a business relationship. Despite the divorce of her parents, the singer turns away from his father and thankful for his gift of experience and great love.