The FBI arrested a Russian hacker who led a trading platform in the United States

The FBI arrested a citizen of Russia, who is believed to behind the, similar to the Shopify platform that hosts online shopping, where hackers advertise and sell hacked accounts and stolen data. This writes the ZD Net.

ФБР арестовало россиянина, руководившего хакерской торговой платформой в США

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Suspect named Kirill Viktorovich Firsov was arrested on Saturday, March 7, at the airport of a name of John Kennedy in new York.

American officials say that Firsov manages and operates a platform for since its launch in October 2013.

It is believed that on a platform that allows users to host online shopping subscription, worth about $12 per month, registered more than 24,000 stores, and the income is more than $17 million.

However, according to the FBI, despite the possibility of placing legal businesses, platform was used almost entirely for cybercrime.

“Until now, law enforcement authorities found no legitimate business to advertise their services or products on the DEER.IO,” said the FBI.

The FBI reports that they looked at over 250 online stores hosted on a, and found shops selling access to compromised accounts, hacked servers, and personal information of Internet users, such as names, social security numbers, dates of birth and addresses of the victims.

The feds say that during the investigation they repeatedly bought stolen data stores hosted on a to determine what stores do sell authentic stolen information and not fake information.

American officials say that Firsov was fully aware of the clients that are posted on the website because it is regularly touted on the forums on cybercrime.

Arrest Firsova is not a shock to the industry insiders and cybersecurity. Platform was first presented as a safe haven for cybercrime in the Digital Shadows report, published in June 2016.

At that time, the platform of the has gained notoriety after the hacker, known as Tessa88, using the store as for sale of user data stolen from MySpace and LinkedIn.

In a message sent to the reporter investigating the case in 2016, the administrator of the, which is thought to have been Firsov, deliberately evaded a direct question about the sale of compromised data, and even flaunt their Russian citizenship as a reason why he collaborated with the infringing stores.

“ works in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation”, — said the administrator of the journalist in 2016.

“Our customers can create stores that do not violate the legislation of the Russian Federation. We block shops that sell drugs, stolen Bank account. We will also block any store at the request of Roskomnadzor or the competent authorities of the Russian Federation”, — wrote the hacker.

The American authorities have notified the Russian Consulate General in new York about the arrest of Russian citizen Kirill Firsov. About this informed the official representative of the Russian diplomatic mission Alexey Topol’s’ke, writes TASS.

“The Consulate General has received a notice of detention and maintains contact with the relatives of the detainee. He is in a detention center in Manhattan,” said topil’s’ke.

Court over the Russian would be held in new York. It is expected to be formally charged with aiding and abetting in trafficking and trafficking of stolen information.





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