The FBI proved that the left monster to hunt-hangman loop in box black NASCAR racer – it’s not racist

ФБР доказало, что оставленная висельная петля в боксе темнокожего гонщика NASCAR – это не расизм

Bubba Wallace

In the past weekend in Boxing the only black pilot NASCAR Bubba Wallace before the start of the postponed race in Alabama was found by the monster to hunt-hangman’s noose.

The loop in the US is considered a manifestation of aggressive racial discontent because of the Association with lynching.

The investigation was connected to the FBI investigators, who found that no racism was not.

This loop was in the box since last autumn and was used in order to open the gate. It didn’t drop in box specifically for Wallace, it was there long before that.

“It is established that Bubba Wallace was not the object of the crime of hate. According to the FBI report, confirmed by the photos, the rope from the door of the boxes, like a noose had been there since last fall. Obviously, this was long before the arrival of 43 teams and distribution boxes.

We are grateful to the FBI for its quick and thorough investigation. Glad to know that Bubba is not affected by deliberate racist action,” – said in a press release from NASCAR.