The FBI released a fitness app: cybersecurity experts are asked not to download

The Federal Bureau of investigation, the U.S. released app, which offers everyone to exercise so as to train his agents. However, experts in the field of digital safety I do not advise to download this program, unless you want that after you start to watch the FBI, writes Popular Mechanics.

ФБР выпустило фитнес-приложение: специалисты по кибербезопасности просят его не загружать

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March 23 on his official Twitter account the Federal Bureau of investigation published a report which invited its subscribers to download my new fitness app.

ФБР выпустило фитнес-приложение: специалисты по кибербезопасности просят его не загружать


“FBI Fit Test — this is an informative and interactive platform for training, which are used for preparation of agents,” says the website of the FBI.

The creators of the project say that users will be able to test their physical form, following the standards Bureau agents in running, push-UPS, pulling and other exercises.

To evaluate the results of the application uses the GPS data of the user, the phone’s accelerometer (motion sensor), and it is quite logical. But security experts in the network was confused by the other requirements of the FBI Fit Test, for example — access to contacts list, Wi-Fi, the cloud and even the call log.

“The advice is simple: if you don’t want to watch you guys the FBI — do not download this app, says Eva Galperin, an expert on cyber security, — Just think — you literally grant the Agency the right to follow you”.

Experts are concerned about the trend that has developed during the struggle against the pandemic coronavirus: the government has urged society to pay more attention to their health, and at the same time use every opportunity to gather as much information about our behavioral characteristics. They, on the one hand, to protect us, but invade privacy through modern technology. So, now in China widely used mobile apps, which measure the body temperature of the user and record its location to avoid infection with the novel coronavirus a large number of people.

“By installing the app — ask yourself why it needs access to particular information. Maps need data about your geolocation, and fitness platforms — no. Online services need information about your access point Wi-Fi, and application exercises — no. Privacy and “hygiene of the user” is crucial in the era of data management,” — said Amir Orad, CEO of IT company SiSense.