The Federal court is required to block pirate site (PHOTOS)

Федеральный суд впервые потребовал заблокировать пиратский сайт   (ФОТО)

The Federal court ordered canadian Internet service providers to block web sites that offer pirated television online broadcast.

This measure is a precedent, as in Canada, a similar court decision was issued for the first time, and the judge said that ISPs have 15 days to execute it.

The decision affects Gold TV, IPTV is a service that offers a stream of thousands of traditional television channels on the Internet for a nominal fee.

Earlier this year a coalition of canadian telecommunications companies and Internet service providers, Bell Media, Groupe TVA and Rogers Media, has filed a lawsuit in Federal court, claiming that sold subscriptions to many channels, not owning the rights.

But another Internet provider, TekSavvy, has opposed these measures and said that the court should rely on the “specialized expertise” CRTC (Canadian radio-television and telecommunications Commission), not to exercise its own jurisdiction over this issue. The company also expressed concerns that Internet service providers will encounter “hundreds or even thousands of” decisions about blocking sites in the future and this could lead to a “significant strain” on their resources.

The judge acknowledged that the decision on Internet censorship of this kind has not previously been accepted in Canada, although something similar had taken place in the United Kingdom. has positioned itself as “IPTV provider Canada premium”, offering 4000 TV channels in standard and high definition for only $15 a month. Among the canadian channels offered by its site, was Citytv, CTV, Global, and international channels BBC, ESPN, and Animal Planet.